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Melissa Beatty

Owner and Certified 

Permanent Makeup Artist

Welcome to blushnbrows permanent makeup! My name is Melissa, owner of blushnbrows. Before becoming a permanent makeup artist, I was a nurse for 16 years. Working as a nurse you can be assured that I am very knowledgeable in sterility and skin anatomy and physiology. I have worked along side family doctors and surgeons doing everything from setting up and assisting with minor surgeries, wound care, sterilizing instruments, giving injections and much more, always keeping patient care my number on priority.

Since a young age, I have also been an "artist". I have been drawing and sketching since I can remember. 

Permanent makeup is the best of both worlds - using my artistic skills to help women look and feel their best!

I received my permanent makeup training from Jaimie Jolly Accredited Academy in Bancroft, ON and received certificates in microblading, combo brows, ombre brows, powder brows and lip blush. I received my lash lift and tint from Permanent Beauty by Kalyna in Peterborough, ON. I have also received certificates in Botched Ink Tattoo saline tattoo removal, color correction and three certificates for lip blush training.

I truly believe when we look better we feel better and more confident! Plus, think how much time you will save every morning! Who doesn't want to wake up already looking good? When you wash your makeup off at night, you got it, you will still look good! Going swimming? No need to worry about your eyebrows wiping off! If you have previous permanent makeup that you don't like or has turned grey, red, orange or purple I can help you with that too!


Using my training plus my artistic skills I will create the prefect brows or lip blush for you!



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